My Rules

I have set some rules for myself to follow in this process.

1. For the first fourteen weeks I will incorporate the 100 Days of Real Foods 14 Weeks of Mini-Pledges to make the changes I need to make slowly. Each week I will blog about the topic and ensure that I follow the suggestions made within the confines of the $100 per week budget.

2. Anything already in my freezer, fridge, and pantry will be used up to ensure that nothing is wasted. However, as I go along in this journey more appropriate options will replace the options that have been used.

3. I will do a main shop in the first week and then a top up of fresh foods in the second week.

Image courtesy of amenic181/

Image courtesy of amenic181/

4. I will menu plan and shop to a list, however will make adjustments based on what is cheap at the greengrocers. For example there’s no point spending $7 on one cauliflower if I can get capsicums for $3/kg and make stuffed capsicums. So flexibility will be used to adjust the menu plan as required to take advantage of specials.

5. I will try a minimum of one new recipe each fortnight.

6. I will read labels of any processed food I purchase to make sure I know what all the ingredients are in them.  I am especially concerned about the levels of sugar in processed foods when really they don’t need to be there.

7. The food budget will be strictly $200 for the fortnight and can be spent all in one hit or over the fortnight. Cleaning supplies, toiletries, and pets needs will not come out of this food budget.


The goal by the end of the first 14 weeks following 100 Days of Mini-Pledges will be to be using at a minimum 90% whole foods.

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