End of Week 5

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Well I’ve made the most of the pomegranate and coconut we tried.  On Thursday I had nightshift and my son had two days at school coming up (he only goes in twice a term as he does distance education) so I spent the day Wednesday preparing foods for us.  I spent the morning chopping pumpkin for Pumpkin Risotto for dinner on Wednesday and Thursday nights.  I made Banana Blueberry Muffins as the bananas needed using.  I had leftover pumpkin so made some Pumpkin Scones and the rest was for the dog.  I grated up the coconut so it was easy to throw into things.  I also attempted making hommus from scratch – I’m not quite sure I got it right but it’s edible.


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My son enjoyed his grapes, carrot sticks with hommus, pumpkin scone, muffin, and Greek yoghurt for his lunches.  And my work dinner and snacks consisted of Pumpkin Risotto, Greek Yoghurt with pomegranate and grated coconut (LOVED the combination), cut up carrot sticks to go with my fresh hommus, and one of my muffins.  Also the combination of raspberries and grated coconut for our overnight oats has become another favourite for my son and I.


real food-fresh food-processed

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I posted on Facebook the difficulty with accessing the coconut and one person commented with an easier way to open them.  This is what she said:

Coconut doesn’t have to be difficult; here’s the secret: Heat oven to 375. Find the three eyes at top of coconut and drill them or use a hammer and large nail. Drain coconut in container and refrigerate liquid for later use. Place coconut on cookie sheet and put in oven for 15 min. Remove. Coconut should have cracked in several places. At this point it is super easy to pry away shell from the meat. Lastly, peel the rest of the brown husky skin with a vegetable peeler. Coconut is now ready to used in whatever application you intend: raw, cooked, shredded, etc. I learned this from Alton Brown, tried it at home and it works like a charm. It also made the best coconut cake I have ever made or eaten (before I stopped using sugar and white flour).

So I will definitely give that a go the next time I purchase a coconut because I’m loving the freshness of the grated one being added to yoghurts and oats.

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