The end of week 1

Well the week 1 challenge is going quite well.  I make the majority of our meals at home but this challenge has reminded me to be conscious of how many vegies or fruits are making it into our meals.  It has forced me to think ahead of time what our meals will be which means we aren’t grabbing just anything and that each meal contains some great nutrients.  The next two days will be hard though as I’m on nightshift and I tend to grab whatever to keep going and it is often crap.  I have planned our main meals so it’s the “midnight snacks” that I need to be careful of e.g. crisps and chocolate machines and Maccas runs!

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We really enjoy porridge in our household, however being in Queensland it is too hot as a summer breakfast.  We’ve discovered Lisa’s recipe for Overnight Oats and my son and I really like them.  My daughter, however did not, she can be fussy though so I will experiment with different combinations to see if I can find an option she likes.  This will be a regular in our breakfast repertoire especially during the warmer weather.

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