The End of Week 4

Well this week didn’t go as well as I would have liked but I did make some small inroads.  I promised to sit down and do a menu plan but that went by the wayside even though I did do an audit of my pantry, fridge, and freezer.   I just never got around to sitting down and writing my menu plan.  I did endeavour most of the time to make healthy meals although there was one fast food lunch – Nando’s.  We ate their chicken wraps which are fairly good but paired it with chips which is not good at all.  We did, however, only get a jug of water and didn’t purchase soft drinks with our meal.  I will continue to try to make better choices in the future!

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We did have one catastrophe.  The freezer was accidentally left ajar overnight on Friday and wasn’t found until about 3pm yesterday and everything had defrosted.  I cooked up the meat and vegetables to make meals for the dog which she is loving.  The kids and I became sick of bread as we endeavoured to eat the bread that had been in the freezer.  We had to throw out a heap of food but given a good amount was processed food that I had intended to use up but not replace.  I am choosing to frame this “catastrophe” as a blessing and not think about how much the food I threw out cost but to think that I have a lovely fresh and clean and only has non-processed foods in it.

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I’ll have to gradually fill it up again with meat and meals but I will do it with non-processed or minimally processed foods.  At present there is only minimal amounts in there including frozen berries, frozen vegetables, homemade dog meals, and ice.  I will be gradually filling it up over the coming weeks with homemade fruit and savoury muffins, leftover meals to take to work, meat, and full meals to use as “fast food” on our journey to cutting out quick processed meals.

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