Week 4 (14 weeks of mini-pledges)

No fast food or any foods that have been deep-fried in oil.

This challenge is one I’m going to have to be very conscious of.  I have a bad habit of turning to take away when we are running late instead of making something healthy from the fridge or reheating a meal I’ve frozen.  It’s an expensive habit but one I really want to break.

real food-fast food-processed food-healthy eating

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To do this challenge properly I will need to make sure that I plan ahead.  I will need to menu plan – a habit I used to do but have fallen into bad habits of just grabbing rubbish. This year I have been consciously trying to make changes by following these challenges and  doing it at a slow pace instead of trying to make rapid changes as I find that harder to do.




My Commitment for this week

  • Recommence menu planning
  • Prepare meals when I have time for ease of cooking later in the day
  • Cook meals ahead of time to reheat later
  • Pack snacks and meals for when we are out and about


In regards to last weeks challenge of purchasing meet within 160km of where it was raised – I haven’t purchased any meat this week and just eaten the meat we’ve had on hand, although we didn’t eat many meals with meat anyhow.

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