Week 6 (14 weeks of mini-pledges)

Do not eat any food products that are labeled as “low-fat,” “lite,” “light,” “reduced fat,” or “nonfat.”

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Well here is the big one I’ve known for weeks was coming having read Lisa’s site over the past twelve months.  I gradually started in January to reduce these low-fat type products but must admit it’s gone against everything I’ve been taught over the years and I have struggled with this concept of getting rid of the low-fat/lite items.  However, what I’ve read of late about the low-fat craze, it would appear that everything we have been told for years is wrong.  We’ve been told for years to reduce the amount of fat we eat.  Buy low-fat, lite, light, reduced fat, non-fat products. That by doing this we will lose weight.  That by doing that we will be healthier.  I’m really questioning this school of thought lately as I am starting to think that we have been told the wrong information. I believe, in the beginning, that the professionals thought this was right but in the face of recent studies it is beginning to look shaky.


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I’ve been checking labels when purchasing my groceries since starting this challenge and am amazed at the sugar levels in the low-fat foods.  It does seem increasing sugar is used to replicate the taste of the reduced fat in items.  This seems to make sense that these items are the reason the obesity epidemic is as bad as it is. It is looking more and more to me that sugar is the current culprit of the obesity epidemic not fat that we’ve been lead to believe for the last few decades.  I’ve always used low-fat and lite products and I’m still obese.  I can’t seem to shift the weight.  Maybe there is something in this line of thought. So whilst I am really struggling to change my thinking on this I am definitely open to the idea that we have been wrong.

I really need to do some more reading on this topic as I’m really starting to think this is the cause of the problem, not fat as I’ve believed all my life.  I really think this statement I saw on Facebook the other day says a lot about what we’ve done to ourselves over the past century.  This is really food for thought……..

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